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San Diego Manufacturing Facility currently in full production.

We are currently offering this company for immediate acquisition including land, buildings, and equipment. Staff is available.


Private Label Manufacturer

Well established Santa Clarita private label manufacturer with ongoing business available for purchase including long term building lease, equipment, customers. Staff is available.
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Modern Solid Dose Facility/Assets for Sale

Equipment for Sale
Over 100,000 sq. ft of cGMP Facility
Location: Inwood, NY


Uhlmann Blister Line

2-Late Model High Speed Blister lines with Printer, Cartoner & Over wrap


I have known Chris Hillseth since he was a cub. Over the years he has taken used equipment off my hands in transactions ranging from single pieces to a full 300,000 square foot facility filled with manufacturing, packaging, and lab equipment. Chris has also helped me find large volumes of necessary equipment both for domestic as well as internationally based facilities. I think the world of Chris and consider him a key member of my professional team.

Gerry Holly
Senior VP of Global Operations
Herbalife International, Inc.

Processing Equipment (168)
Packaging Equipment (66)
Lab Equipment (27)
On Going Liquidation (483)
Whats New (36)
Warehouse Equipment (21)
Shop Tools (12)
Online Auctions (1)
Battery Equipment (3)