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With a customer first philosophy and a focus on your success, Chris Hillseth Enterprises makes it virtually effortless for you to dispose of your idle or excess assets. Selling through Chris Hillseth Enterprises offers you several significant advantages:
  • Your employees are freed from the task of equipment sales so they can focus on more profitable core business.
  • You benefit from our market knowledge to create faster sales, more offers and superior results.
  • Selling through a third party removes potential issues of selling to competitors, who may be your best prospects.
  • You can be confident that all safety issues, rigging and dismantling, and removing are handled by top industry professionals.
Selling for Cash Directly to Chris Hillseth Enterprises
We offer you the unique business opportunity to sell your equipment directly to Chris Hillseth Enterprises. This is an important advantage when the equipment has been written off your books and needs to be off your property quickly, or you are taking possession of new equipment and need to clear your factory floor. You have the option of selling your equipment for cash or for credit toward future purchases from Chris Hillseth Enterprises.

Selling by Liquidation

Sell more assets for more money, in less time and with less risk and hassle. We are experts at reaching and piquing the interest of potential buyers. Chris Hillseth Enterprises will manage the project start to finish, within your specified timeframe, including all rigging dismantling, removal, insurance, financial and liability issues.

Selling by Auction Whether your auction is live or online, we know how to attract the crowds, generate bids, get the sale and finalize the transaction. Using our network of industry movers and our in-depth knowledge of their needs, we can have buyers with their hands up before the hammer goes down! Chris Hillseth Enterprises knows what it takes to run a successful auction—and we deliver, from start to finish.

Selling on Consignment
By selling through Chris Hillseth Enterprises, you put nearly 30 years of experience and a worldwide network of industry contacts to work for you. We employ a variety of sales channels and marketing methods to create competition for your assets and deliver fast, efficient and profitable results.

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San Diego Manufacturing Facility currently in full production.

We are currently offering this company for immediate acquisition including land, buildings, and equipment. Staff is available.


Private Label Manufacturer

Well established Santa Clarita private label manufacturer with ongoing business available for purchase including long term building lease, equipment, customers. Staff is available.
>> MORE INFO or 818-495-3038

Modern Solid Dose Facility/Assets for Sale

Equipment for Sale
Over 100,000 sq. ft of cGMP Facility
Location: Inwood, NY


Uhlmann Blister Line

2-Late Model High Speed Blister lines with Printer, Cartoner & Over wrap


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